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neighbours - alan fletcher with kym valentineAs many of you know, Fletch has a long history with Neighbours. He's played not one, but two roles on the show - the best known and most enduring of which is that of "Doctor Karl Kennedy", Ramsay Street's intrepid (and sometimes naughty) resident GP.

Alan's first encounter with the series was in the role of "Greg Cooper", the transient Ramsay Street mechanic - a part that ran for about three weeks on the show back in 1988.

Then in 1994, Alan accepted a one year contract to appear on the show as "Dr Karl Kennedy". The character grew in popularity, along with the whole Kennedy Clan and all these years later - he's still there!

In Alan's own words:

"The real bonus of Neighbours is the working relationship I enjoy with the actors who play the Kennedy family. We have become family and the trust we share has freed us to do some fantastic work. I am as proud of my work on Neighbours as I am of any other performance I have given."

This section of the Fanzone is dedicated to Fletch's work on Neighbours and any related information pertaining to the show. So, have fun, browse around and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the Fan Forum!

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